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Ken Gichinga Founder, Mentoria Economics
Ken Gichinga Founder, Mentoria Economics

Welcome to Mentoria Economics

On behalf of Mentoria shareholders, consultants and clients, I wish to warmly invite you to the Mentoria Family!


At Mentoria, we truly believe that our investment in global thought-leadership, a commitment to a culture of integrity and pride in our deep African heritage will be essential in helping our clients discover an authentic path to prosperity in their various ventures.


For us, Nairobi is not some distant regional office, but the place we will forever call home. And from this vibrant city we want to change the conversation about what success can look like for a business wishing to be part of the African Growth Story.


Within our family, you will find some brilliant minds in Economics, Research and Innovation – some with Ivy League credentials and others with great industry expertise. However, it is our passion for African success stories that brings us together to deliver a world-class experience to our clients. Don’t just take my word for it. Come visit us soon!


Founder, Mentoria Economics


Who We Are

A modern consultancy that develops successful Business Strategies for companies across Africa.


Our Mission

To champion successful game-changing business strategies across Africa thereby unlocking the full value proposition of our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a respected leader in Business Strategy across Africa.


What We Stand For



We believe doing what is best for our client is by far the most important quality in
how we operate. This generates a trust surplus with our clients and deepens our long-term relationship.


We believe no great achievement is possible without an element of grit. Through resilience, we remain committed to seeing a successful implementation of the
project life-cycle.


We believe that it is the fine details that can make the difference between success and failure. We therefore commit to ensuring we pay maximum attention to the finest details.